If your need is to create an image with a hand holding an iPhone, you’re in the right place! Whether you have to create an image of your app to include on your website or you want to create an advertisement on printed paper representing your responsive website, these free psd mockups of an iPhone hold by hand will be very handful for you.

True, there are many sites that sell similar mockups. But these that I present today are just free: click on the button, download the PSD template and start editing it.

All the free templates are easily editable with Adobe Photoshop. Inside each files you can find smart objects that will help you in editing the screen and in some cases even the background.

This list is updated weekly!

Free in Hand iPhone X Mockup

Mockup for iPhone X.

Today we present a free iphone in hand x mockup on colorful background. You can easily edit the screen and background thanks to its smart objects included within the PSD mockup. Easy to use, perfect for your website headers or prints.

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iPhone 11 in Hand Mockup

A photo-based mockup of two hands holding an iPhone 11 Pro Max mockup with a green background Use the included smart layers to edit the display content. This is perfect for print purposes.

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Free iPhone Mockup (PSD)

IPhone mockup

Created by Daily Mockup, it features an iPhone screen with customizable features that allow you to insert your own graphics and change colors using Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later. Its high quality design can also be used for digital and typographic works of art, branding projects, social media posts and photographs. And if you’re interested in more options, the commercial version features a total of 6 PSD files.

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Male Hand holding iPhone XS Mockup

This is an iPhone XS with a hand holding it PSD mockup on neutral background. You can change the screen image (check the smart layer called “Paste your design here”) and the background. Easy to edit, the right choice for your design showcases.

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Free Casual iPhone Mockup (PSD)

Casual iPhone mockup

So, for the daily needs of your smartphone, we would like to share the casual iPhone model created with a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels with the user and the design in mind. With the blurred background and concentrated placement of the phone, you simply have to insert your designs which can be easily done using the smart object layers. Let your viewers know about the free cruises that can win or show your wallpaper, digital graphics or app design. But never worry about the audience with whom you will share this PSD model created by our team because it can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

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Free Perspective iPhone Held by Hand Mockup (PSD)

iPhone Hand Held Mockup

Presented by Ahmed Elqsas with well organized levels, it showcases an iPhone held by one hand from a perspective angle. Easy to edit and use, it allows you to share an interactive presentation with UX and UI game projects that require the push of a button for online quizzes, e-book readers, advertisements, etc. Create an attractive website for your brand and set it up in a highly realistic scene or play matchmakers and show off comfortable online platforms for your users and a profile design they can create.

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Free Hand Holding iPhone X Mockup

Do you need a colourful iPhone X mockup for your presentation? This is the right one for you. In this free PSD there’s a hand holding an iPhone X on a customizable background. Included in the file there are two main layers called “Edit this” and BG color that can be edited with your images. Easy peasy iPhone mockup ready in few minutes 😉

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Hand with Phone Mockup Inside Quiet Office

This hand with phone mockup is the best choice when your need is representing an app or image inside a typical work like office. Beyond the iPhone XS mockup, you can see a 27″ iMac, next a Macbook Pro on a stand and a green plant. Editing this file is quite easy: just replace the layer “YOUR DESIGN HERE” included in the downloadable PSD file, save it and you’re ready to go.
Image has already square ratio, so it could be used on social media platforms without any hassle.

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iPhone X / XS / XR Mockup inside quite Office

In this pic you can find a free iPhone X / XS / XR Mockup hold by a hand in a warm and empty office.
You can change the default image by editing the smart object included within the PSD file called “YOUR DESIGN HERE”. Moreover we add some adjustments layers to best fit the environment color with your desired screen image. Image has a wide ratio, but you can easily crop it to square proportions for your social feeds.

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iPhone XS Mockup Hold by One Hand

In this mockup we present a photo realistic shot to be used on your ads, social accounts or even on printed magazine. Due to its simplicity, the viewer is focused on the phone display which is fully customizable through a smart object included in the PSD file. Just replace the default artwork with your design and you’re good. On the top of is has been added a reflection and some noise to get the final result blend together.

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iPhone XS Mockup Inside Bright Office

This iPhone Mockup is the best choice when promoting an app or a mobile service. You can replace the current picture by using the included smart object and export your final image in seconds. It’s a high resolution mockup hold with a hand on a notebook display on the background.

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iPhone XS Mockup in a Warm Room

This mockup represent a brand new iPhone XS hold by a hand. On the background it’s placed a Macbook Pro and a LG Display. This pic is very useful when presenting your project in particular apps and websites. Within this PSD you can replace the current artwork by using a smart object (marked with blue) and get your final image ready in few clicks. You can use adjustment layers in order to get the environment colder or maybe switch the light colour.

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Free Apple iPhone XS Mockup on Blurry Lights Background

A free high resolution psd of an iPhone hold with one hand on a bokeh background with warm lights. This mockup can be helpful to display your app or pic in a realistic environment. Just double click the layer called “YOUR DESIGN HERE” and replace the default image with a new one. Save, and your beautiful mockup is ready. Background lights color can be changed by applying an Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

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Thanks for reading!